Aluminum Sailboat for Sale: The Passoa 46 Aluminum Cruiser

This Passoa 46 is an aluminum mono hull cruiser built by the world renowned Garcia Yard at Conde sur Noireau in Normandy, France and was commissioned on Oct 2003. We have sailed it over 45000 nautical miles on our circumnavigation and feel, after 7 years onboard, that it is one of the world's best aluminum sailboats for cruising.

The aluminum Passoa 46 is the ablest sailing vessel ever built by the Garcia brothers, it goes to weather with ease and with good trimming it easily does 30 degrees off the wind. On a run, there is no yawing and the wind vane has little trouble keeping it on course. All other points of sail are fast, comfortable and dry.

Because of the low wetted surface and generous sail plan, this aluminum sailboat easily goes over its formula driven hull speed, we regularly average 7 to 8 knots on trade wind conditions with 24 hour runs of 175 to 210 miles depending on conditions and how hard we wanted to work.

During the circumnavigation we had periods of real rough weather with the highest recorded winds being 62 knots. We were never worried, the boat knew better than us what to do and we remained dry and relatively comfortable at all times.
Safety was always my main concern since my wife is not a true sailor (but the voyage would not have been possible without her) so La Danseuse has all the safety equipment necessary to feel safe but, the best part of the safety equation is the knowledge that she is solidly built by a team of aluminum welders difficult to improve on.

The only salt water that ever saw the inside of her was a day I spilled a bucket of it down the companionway!

A visit and a short sail on this boat will convince you that I am leaving lots of good points behind. Contact me.

A picture of the Passoa 46 aluminum sailboat by Garcia boatyard sailing.

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The boat is presently located on the East coast of the United states. Contact us for a visit. You won´t regret it!

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A picture of the Passoa 46 by Garcia boatyard sailing. La Danseuse, a Passoa 46 aluminum sailboat by Garcia boatyard, sailing.

La Dansouse, a Passoa 46 aluminum boat, achored. La Danseuse, an aluminum Passoa sailboat, at anchorage.